We believe that animal interaction should be positive for both people and animals. We pledge to never put profit before the welfare of our animals, because to do so would be a violation of our core values.

Animal Welfare

We’re not your typical petting zoo. Honey Hill Farm was founded on the belief that allowing people to interact with animals is beneficial to the animal world. We are advocates, creating more advocates.

Animals often get a raw deal. Shelters are full of unwanted pets and many factory farms treat animals as little more than a “product.” Our home state of Kentucky is ranked as the worst state to be an animal in.

We believe that animals deserve more. We are actively working with shelters, rescues and other advocates to improve the lives of animals in our state and our country.

Every other year, we will host our own fundraiser, “Ponies in the Park,” a community event in the city of Erlanger. It features hand led pony rides, a large petting zoo, inflatables, food and other family entertainment. All proceeds for this event go to organizations that support homeless pets in Kentucky. The next Ponies in the Park will be held in 2020.

About our Animals

Our animals live on a 150 acre farm in rural northern Kentucky. Despite our name, Honey Hill Farm is not a working farm. We do not raise crops or livestock. Our sole responsibility is taking care of our animals.

Our animals stay with us their entire lives and often live together in family units. Our Animal Care Director provides the animals with daily care, including feed, water and socialization. When animals are at our park locations or on events, they are cared for by our knowledgeable staff. Our animals spend most of their lives at home on the farm.

Animal Welfare Policies

Providing excellent animal care is never easy or cheap. We get requests all the time for services we cannot provide due to our animal welfare policies.

  • Our animals are not for sale. They stay with us for life.
  • Our animals are cage free, except during transport.
  • We cannot provide baby ducks and chicks. They’re too small to be handled safely, and we only take in what we need.
  • We rescue before we buy or breed. Many male animals in the dairy industry are slaughtered. This is why almost all of our Nubian goats are male.
  • We only take in animals who thrive in our environment. We have very few exotic animals and no reindeer because we do not believe that we can give them a happy environment.

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