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Petting zoos are how you win Student Activities Board. Finals got you down? Get your stress relieving Oxytocin on by petting some cute animals. It’s science! Want to draw a crowd to your next activity? Petting zoos are perfect for that, too.

Popular Services

Traditional 10 Animal Petting Zoo Includes chickens, ducks, a rabbit, sheep, goats, an alpaca and a miniature horse or miniature donkey. Children get to feed the animals. Hand Sanitizer provided.

Larger Zoos and Specialty Animals For larger crowds, consider upgrading to a 20 or 30 animal petting zoo or adding some specialty animals like a mini cow or giant tortoise!

Common Questions

Am I allowed to do this at my school?

Almost definitely, but you should get permission first. Most universities also require to be listed as additionally insured, and that’s just fine. Make sure the area you want to have the petting zoo is okay, too. And remember that we’ll need to be able to get within 100 feet of the setup area with our truck and trailer.

How much space do I need?

The 10 animal petting zoo requires a minimum of 15×15 ft and can even be condensed to the size of a one car garage. Pony rides can be led around in yards and down quiet streets. Specialty animals require additional space. We will also need room to park our vehicle.

What if it rains?

We have a very flexible cancellation policy. You can cancel or postpone your event at absolutely no penalty up until 24 hours prior to your start time. If you choose to proceed with your event, some services can be set up in garages or under awnings. We also offer tent rentals.

Will you arrive early for setup?

We will arrive approximately 30-60 minutes prior to your start time to setup. We’ll need a place to park and access to the setup area. If your party is already in progress, children will need to be kept away from the setup area until all the animals are secured and we’re ready to start.

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Pricing varies based on the location and size of your event. Our automatic online pricing system will calculate mileage and give you accurate information for your specific area.

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