How much space is needed?

We can set up in a variety of different environments, including in suburban yards, parking lots, parks, and courtyards. Grass, concrete and pavement are all acceptable, but grass is usually best. You will need a fairly level area for any setup, and in the summer, naturally shady areas are great.

Remember that there must be room to park our truck and trailer nearby the setup area. The truck can be parked on a street, in a driveway or in a parking lot, but it must be able to turn around somewhere. The truck can be moved after setup.

The setup area required depends on the services you are going to have. Here is an approximate guide. If you are planning both pony rides and a petting zoo, just combine the two sizes listed below.

10 animal petting zoos

Require approximately 15×15 ft. Can be setup in a garage with advanced notice.

20 animal petting zoos

Require approximately 25×25 ft.

30+ animal petting zoos

Requires approximately 25×35 ft. Tent rental may be required for mid-summer day events. For larger zoo space requirements, ask our event coordinator.

Hand-led pony rides

Can be given anywhere a pony can safely be led, including around houses or buildings, yards, or down quiet streets. For larger events, make sure pony rides can take place away from heavily populated areas.

Pony Carousels

Require approximately 40×40 ft. May require tent rental for mid-day summer events.