7 expert tips for planning a Fall-tastic November birthday party

Honey Hill Farm Mobile Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

August 25, 2017

7 expert tips for planning a Fall-tastic November birthday party.

Honey Hill Farm News & Blog • By Megan Powell-Larkin, Staff Writer

November babies often get the short end of the stick on their birthdays, and we think that stinks!.

Yes, November is a busy month with school projects, Thanksgiving preparations, and the worst thing ever to happen to quality family time (in this girl’s opinion), FANTASY FOOTBALL. But Summer birthdays get pool parties and piñatas. What do November parties get?

November weather is often fantastic, and we think it’s high time to start celebrating those lucky enough to be born into this magical time of the year.

Here are seven expert tips for planning a Fall-tastic November birthday party in your own backyard.


  1. Book a petting zoo

Slip and slide weather is over, but November is still a great time to be outdoors. Pony rides and petting zoos are a timeless activity that will appeal to everyone from toddlers to teenagers. If the weather does take a turn for the worst, Honey Hill Farm offers a variety of solutions, including free last minute cancellation, free tents, and even the ability to move indoors or a garage.


  1. Kill two birds with one stone

You’re already decorating for Fall and cleaning  your house for the holidays, so just use the party as motivation to get an earlier start.


  1. Let Fall be your theme

One of the hardest things about planning any event is deciding on a theme. But for a November party, Fall is the theme. Pinterest is an endless source of ideas for absolutely adorable Fall themed decorations, food and activities.


  1. Lean into the weather

November weather can be a lot of things, but chances are it won’t be really hot or really cold. Serve hot chocolate and cozy up your backyard by placing straw bales and blankets around your fire pit. Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to spend time outdoors before Winter coups everyone up for months. Straw bales can be purchased at your local Tractor Supply.


  1. Serve Fall food

We’re all sick of hotdogs and pizza by August anyway, and Fall food is really just the best. Consider serving chili or dumplings, and tasty pumpkin flavored treats. Pinterest is also a great resource for Fall food that’s so cute you won’t even want to eat it.


  1. Do arts and crafts

As a parent, you know that a craft table can keep your kids busy for hours. But it’s an activity that often gets overlooked at birthday parties. Set up a table with everything they’ll need to create their next masterpiece. If you feature a petting zoo, make sure to have farm animal themed coloring sheets so they can color in pictures of their new friends. A simple search for farm animal coloring sheets and a printer is all you need.


  1. Cash in on off-season savings

Most event service providers (clowns, magicians, bounce houses) go hard through October and then hit a major lull. Even if they don’t list any off-season discounts, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Chances are they would rather have your business at a discount than not at all. Use coupon code “Falltastic” for 20% off your November party with Honey Hill Farm. Check prices at https://www.honeyhillfarm.net/pricing.