Joey Votto owes Zack Cozart a donkey, Honey Hill Farm helps him deliver

Honey Hill Farm Mobile Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

July 14, 2017

Joey Votto owes Zack Cozart a donkey, Honey Hill Farm helps him deliver!

Honey Hill Farm News & Blog • By Megan Powell-Larkin, Staff Writer

Cincinnati, OH- It started with a promise from one team member to another. If Cincinnati Reds player, Zack Cozart, makes the All Star team, Joey Votto will buy him a donkey.


The time has come for Votto to make good on the promise. On Saturday, July 15th, Amos the donkey will be present to cheer on the Reds at Great American Ball Park.


Amos is a 12 year old miniature donkey, with a sweet and gentle disposition. He’s always been a big fan of the Reds, and jumped all over the opportunity to attend his first game.


It’s important to note that Amos will not really be going to live with Zack Cozart. He’s a stand in for the donkey that will eventually become Cozart’s family pet.

As Honey Hill Farm General Manager, Robert Powell, explains, “Donkeys can be very stubborn. You can’t really expect just any donkey to be willing to walk out onto the field in front of thousands of people.”


Amos loves to meet new people and has received years of training to prepare him for taking part of events like this one.


When Amos isn’t mingling with professional athletes, he resides full-time on a private farm owned by Honey Hill Farm Mobile Petting Zoo and Pony Rides. Honey Hill Farm provides quality animal interaction in the form of petting farms, pony rides, live nativities and animal themed productions in Kentucky and Ohio. They also provide the animals for several theme parks, including Kings Island.


Amos lives with a herd of other donkeys on the 175+ acre farm. He enjoys rolling in the dust, begging for carrots and grazing in the pasture with his donkey pals. Honey Hill Farm is also home to goats, sheep, ponies, birds, camels and even kangaroos, just to name a few.


Amos and his barnyard friends are available for events all over the tri-state, including birthday parties, corporate events, senior centers, libraries and school and church festivals. To learn more about scheduling Honey Hill Farm for your next event or to check prices online, visit


Honey Hill Farm is offering 10% off new events booked by Reds fans as part of this celebration. To receive your discount, book by July 31 and ask for the “Cincinnati Reds” discount.