SEE, TOUCH, LEARN: Kings Island is hosting a brand new petting zoo for the 2015 season

Honey Hill Farm Mobile Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

April 3, 2015

SEE, TOUCH, LEARN: Kings Island is hosting a brand new petting zoo for the 2015 season

Honey Hill Farm News & Blog • By Megan Powell-Larkin, Staff Writer

Mason, Ohio- Kings Island and Honey Hill Farm are announcing an exciting joint venture for summer 2015. After a wildly popular stint last fall, the petting farm featured at “Snoopy’s Halloween Party has been added as a permanent fixture this year at Kings Island. The petting farm will be called “Snoopy’s Barnyard Friends” and will be located in Planet Snoopy.

When the 2015 summer season kicks off, Kings Island will have 60 new family members. The treasured animals of Honey Hill Farm ( are taking their summer break with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Kings Island patrons will have a chance to meet these gentle, socialized pets. They may also attend a short educational show, performed four times a day, learning about miniature horses, pygmy goats, pot belly pigs and other farm animals visiting from the established petting zoo in Berry, KY.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Kings Island on this addition to Planet Snoopy.” says Megan Powell, operations manager at Honey Hill Farm. “We’ve enjoyed working with them on Snoopy’s Halloween Party and the animals have been such a big attraction that it makes sense to make them part of their daily operations. Interaction between children and animals can be both fun and educational, and a petting farm area will provide park guests with a quiet retreat where parents and children can relax and make memories together. “

Children will be able to keep up with their favorite animals in a weekly blog written by Ali McLennan, of Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonderdog and Cats 101. “What I’m excited about is presenting these farm animals as the pets they are to the Honey Hill Farm family.” says McLennan. “I’m hoping kids will visit repeatedly, and feel some ownership for their new friends. This is a great way to find a deep love and respect for animals.” McLennan will also have a hand in writing and performing the shows.

Opening day for Kings Island this year is set for Saturday, April 18. Snoopy’s Barnyard Friends will operate seven days a week from May 21 until August 23, and then weekends from August 29-November 1.

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